Balloonz! is an addicting arcade game for all ages. The concept is simply to pop as many of the colorful balloons as you can to achieve the highest score! Or just play the PRACTICE mode to mindlessly pop balloons!

To pop the balloons, simply just tap on the screen at the location of each colored balloon to score points. Avoid the black balloons because they deduct points. You'll receive 10 points for each colored balloon! Get a high score and get prompted to post it online to show off your achievement to the world!

Random Pixel Games - Balloonz! - iPhone

There are four power-ups; STARS will increase the amount of balloons to pop (Means More Points!), BOMBS will wipe out every balloon but give you half the points for each balloon (Hit A Bomb After A Star To Get A Big Jump In Points!), TIME-CLOCK adds 10 seconds to your game (More Game Time Means More Points!), and SKULLS generates black balloons. (Careful Not To Get The SKULLS!)

Balloonz! consists of 3D balloon models, and real time lighting for the 3GS and 3rd generation IPod. The balloons are controlled by real-time physics calculations, which mimic real life balloons floating through the air. Balloonz! also degrades nicely for the 1st and 2nd Generation of iPhone and iPod models by using less complicated models, and lighting.

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