Welcome to Random Pixel Games!

We are a start up gaming company specializing in small platform gaming. Our immediate goal at Random Pixel Games is to create fun and intuitive games for the iPhone, and iPod Touch platforms. We want to create games that push the mobile gaming platform to the next level by providing quality graphics, coding, and design.

In the future we want to branch out to more computational heavy platforms, such as the PC, Xbox, and the PS3. On top of developing games based on our own creative imaginations, we want to provide our services to publishers, corporations, and other gaming companies to help bring their own creative worlds to life.

Who Are We ?

Who is Random Pixel Games?

A group of avid gamers who've grouped together to make bigger and better games. We are a startup game development studio dedicated to mobile game development. Our team consists of artists, designers, and computer scientists who share the same dream of bringing our imaginations to life.

What We Do ?

What does Random Pixel Games do?

Develop games for a new generation of mobile gamers. Our platform of choice is game design for the iPhone and iPod Touch handheld devices. The games we develop are a direct representation of our creativity and imagination.

Where Are We ?

Where is Random Pixel Games located?

Our main offices are located in the sunny and beautiful City of Los Angeles. We have situated ourselves in close proximity to some of the world's best known game development studios residing in nearby Santa Monica.